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Sangamore Group Real Estate’s investment criteria:

Sangamore Group is representing owners and investors of real estate properties in the U.S. on behalf of its clients. While each client has specific criteria, the Sangamore Group’s service offerings and investment criteria are focused in the following areas:


Location: Sangamore Group will consider real estate in areas of special location in all major U.S. metropolitan areas, with a primary interest in the Northeastern corridor. Other markets that hold a secondary interest include U.S. cities with a population exceeding 1 million, such as Chicago, Houston, Orlando, Denver, Los Angeles, and Seattle and possibly in Vancouver, Canada.

Types: the type of real estate properties varies from Office building, shopping center, class “A & B” hotel properties, and other property types maintaining strong credit with long term leases. There is no interest in raw land.

Sangamore Group will utilize financing based on the specific criteria of the client, which may include all cash acquisitions or leveraged transactions.


If a broker is submitting a proposal to Sangamore Group, it is imperative for such broker to certify that he/she is an authorized representative of the seller and can provide evidence thereof, which may include name(s) and telephone numbers of those to contact for verification purposes. This will require a letter from the said owner that the broker is acting on his behalf and is authorized to do so. It is understood that any broker or other representative submitting an investment proposal for review to Sangamore Group will look solely to the seller for payment of any fees or commissions in connection with the possible acquisition of the said investment property. The Sangamore Group and it clients maintain no responsibility to a broker without a written agreement between the parties stating otherwise.


All submissions to the Sangamore Group should include at least the following information:

Name, address, description, listed sale price and other relevant information Such as occupancy history, listing of major tenants, lease schedules, market data, and other known information likely to impact the performance of the property. For operating properties, copy of the latest audited financial statements Along with at least three years of income statement information.

If the property has a debt on it, a brief summary of the existing loan(s) and other particulars should be included period.
A map showing the exact location along with any market information related to the proper evaluation of the Property should be include.
Properties meeting these basic criteria may be submitted to the following address:

    Sangamore Group
    P. O. Box 608
    Glen Echo, Maryland 20812-0608